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What is Fencing? 

Modern fencing evolved from the ancient art of swordsmanship. The modern game owes much of it’s lineage to the sometimes deadly sport of dueling. Fencing combines athleticism and mental agility in an exciting blend of speed, agility, and tactics.

Three weapons are used and scoring methods in bouts reflect the original use of the weapon.

The Foil is a lightweight weapon with a flexible blade similar to the practice swords used in the past for honing dueling skills.In Foil fencing points are scored for hits to the trunk of the body. In bouts a principle of right of way to attack for the fencer initiating the attack is applied. This allows the president (or referee) to distinguish to whom a point should be given, for example, in the case of simultaneous hits.

The Epee is heavier with a rigid triangular blade and larger guard. It evolved from the dueling sword. In Epee fighting the whole body is the target. Points are scored with the point of the weapon. First hit, just as first blood in dueling, wins the point.

The Sabre is the modern version of the traditional cavalry sword. In keeping with its original use as a cutting weapon scoring is with the front and back edges as well as with the point. The target area is the entire body above the hips. The principle of attackers right of way applies in Sabre bouts.

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