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The coaches are volunteers with other commitments and so may sometimes be late. The club cannot be responsible for members’ safety until the coaches are present, parents of younger members should wait with the children until they arrive.


All the kit used at the club meets the current safety standards as set out by the FIE (The International Fencing Federation). Beginners can use the fencing kit at the club. It helps the coaches, especially with the younger children, if fencers are in their kit ready to start the session. At the end of the session members are asked to help pack kit back into its original bags and return it to the storage area.

Fencers on the beginners course are asked to wear suitable clothing such as a T-shirt, tracksuit bottoms and trainers to allow them to fully participate. Jeans are not suitable to fence in.

On joining the club fencers should acquire the listed items in the following order:

  • 800N Plastron - All fencers must wear a plastron and these can be bought at a subsidised rate of £15 through the club.
  • Mask
  • Jacket
  • Breeches

First Aid

All club coaches are qualified first aiders. If an incident should occur there is always a first aid kit present and any incidents will be recorded in an incident book.

Child Protection

In accordance with current British Fencing Association guidelines the club has appointed a child protection/ welfare officer. If, at any stage, you have concerns about your child’s safety or that of any other child, and do not wish to discuss it with a coach, please contact the Child Protection Officer. Details are given in the list of club officers. All coaches and club officers are also CRB checked in accordance with BFA policy.

Personal Information

Please fill in a Membership Form. The information is not shared with anyone outside the club. It is only used to inform you of club news and in cases of emergency.


For insurance purposes all members of the club are required to be members of England Fencing, part of the British Fencing Association; there are two levels of membership:

  • Social Membership: This is organised through the club and costs £10 per year. This membership provides insurance cover within the club only. If you require this level of cover please complete the form at the end of the booklet and hand it in to the club secretary.
  • Full BFA Membership: This is organised through the BFA as an individual and costs £40 for adults over 20, £30 for fencers over 13 but under 20 and £25 for under fencers under 13. The insurance cover is extended to competitions and events outside the club. It also entitles the member to a copy of the Sword magazine and to attend British Fencing Association (BFA) courses and to obtain BFA awards.