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We fence at the Northcroft Leisure Centre, Northcroft Lane, Newbury RG14 1RS on a Monday evening from 19.00 to 21.30. We have all the equipment necessary to start the beginner who will be taught by our British Fencing Association qualified coaches & leaders. Electric scoring equipment is available for the more experienced fencer. Catering for the entire community, we accept members from the age of 8 upwards.

 We consider ourselves to be a social fencing club where members can develop technique through class and individual instruction, enjoy an evenings fencing at their own pace or be encouraged to become involved in competitive fencing through Leon Paul Junior Series, County and Regional competitions and on to the extremes of open competition fencing.

The evening usually rounds off (literally) with a visit to the Woodpecker at Wash Water for the adult members. So, if you are new to the Sport or would like to know more see our FAQ's and contacts pages

You can be assured of a warm welcome!!